Lymington, Hampshire

This small unassuming terraced house near Hampshire’s south coast belies a spacious, modern interior wherein space and light have been maximised to transform a previously dark, cramped and dilapidated ‘two-up two-down’ into a spacious 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom town house.

Floor to ceiling joinery units and full-height recessed doors are minimally detailed, concealing their purpose and carving out the space in a playful yet considered manner.
Long views through the house are maintained, and the unbroken ceiling running from front to back serves to unify the various rooms into one apparent whole.

A narrowing of the entry sequence compresses the user; by degrees, the house widens as one moves through the space, mitigating the otherwise long and narrow footprint. This widening effect not only helps to increase the apparent width of the house, but in conjunction with a change in floor level also helps to differentiate between the otherwise open-plan kitchen, dining, and reception areas.

Stone flooring runs unbroken from the living areas inside through to the sunken patio beyond, blurring the distinction between inside and outside. A full-width frameless roof-light and thin-framed folding sliding patio doors at the rear of the house blur this distinction further.

Year2010-2012LocationLymington, Hampshire